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One of Rush's best album! - 100%

TheOnlyMAD, May 12th, 2007

Wow, just wow! I didnt expect too much from this album, but I was sincerly blown away by how awesome it is. Maybe its just the fact that its their newest album, but for the moment, I consider it like their best album. Call me crazy, but that's how it is. Its THAT good!

There's everything on this album; Melodic instrumental songs, Typical Rush songs, epic songs, rockers and dark songs. The music sound pretty much like Vapor Trails(The pre-chorus from Far Cry for exemple sound a lot like the pre-chorus from Earthshine in style, but hey, that's not a bad thing at all!) and Rush's 3 other albums before, but more melodic, catchy and original. There's 3 intrumental songs on this album and the one called 'The Main Monkey Business' is simply brillant. Its filled with great riffs and really nice melodies that actually sound kind of like Maiden's typical cool melodies. The other instrumental songs are also very good, but not long enough, sadly(less than 3 minutes). The bass work is really cool like always and Geddy still show his awesome skills. The guitar work is really good and it never sound the same, there's a lot of experimentation and different techniques. The solos are your typical Lifeson's solos that sound really nice. There's some really great heavy riffs in there, but also some beautiful acoustic parts and even some jazz/blues sounding riffs. The drumming is really technical like always and really enjoyable. I don't tend to care much for drums, but the drums on this album is very memorable and I can't wait to hear the songs from this album performed live. Each songs are very memoraable and I seriously would love every songs to be performed live. The lyrics are typical Rush lyrics...In other words, really great and intelligent lyrics. Like every Rush albums, this is a grower, so if you don't like it too much at first just give it some more try and you will notice how good it is. Personally, after the first listen I was already hooked, but we never know.

I highly recommend it! If you were disapointed by Vapor Trails like some people I know, don't worry, this album is 10 times better.

Best songs: The Main Monkey Business, Spindrift(Dark!!), The Way The Wind Blows(cool heavy verse and catchy overall), Faithless(memorable chorus), Bravest Face(memorable chorus part 2) and Workin' Them Angel(memorable chorus part 3).

Least memorable songs: The last 3, but they are still great... Just not as good as the 10 other songs which are simply very hard to beat.

I give it a rating of 100/100 because it just blew away! It always feels good when after years of music listenning experience you can still find some really good, original, memorable albums and that's what Snakes And Arrows is. A perfect album.