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Signaling for a Decent Rush Album - 78%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 20th, 2004

By the time Rush came out with Signals, their sound was drastically changed. Yes it is safe to say, what metal Rush had was depleted. Thus creating a sound that was unique of Rush. This album really isn't that heavy, in fact it is easier to hear the bass then it is the guitar. It's not a bad album but it isn't the best Rush album by far.

Could Rush out do their last album, Moving Pictures, and be successful again? Well the answer is no. The best way to describe Signals is very atmospheric like. Every song sounds like you are floating on a cloud, because it is that soft. In fact I don't think there are any distorted guitars, if there is they are very hard to hear.

One of the big things that Rush brings in to this album is synthesizers and keyboards. I know Rush has been exploring with this stuff for a long time now. But this album basically leans off of them, using them in every song at just about every point you could expect to have ‘em. Other wise Geddy Lee's vocals are always up to par. Neil Peart's drumming is, and always will be fucking awesome.

Not the best Rush album to get, but overall not bad. The only song that really sticks out as being good is Subdivisions. Some of the other songs grow on you after awhile, like Digital Man, New World Man, and Countdown. That is if the softness of the songs doesn't send you into a sleep first.