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Start to brilliance - 81%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 12th, 2004

It is hard to say that Rush's really early stuff is considered heavy metal. Some people don't consider any Rush albums to be metal! Rush's self titled album and debut is not metal, but it is an excellent piece of classical rock. The first album also starts to push a familiar Rush theme of progressive guitar writing. Although the progressiveness comes out more later in Rush's career.

It is easy to see that Rush was fueled by Led Zeppelin. The riffs and drum beats really sound like they belong in a Led Zeppelin song. Like What You're Doing's main riff and Lee's vocals on Finding My Way are very Zeppelin influenced. Even the seven minute blues like song Here Again is similar to Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You.

Having only eight songs, this album isn't really that long. The only Rush hit from this album is Working Man. However, most of the songs on this album are worth listening to, including What You're Doing and Need Some Love.

The production is alright, but not the best -unless you got the re-mastered version. Geddy Lee's singing is bright and brilliant like on all the Rush albums. Sometimes he tries some weird screams and moans like Robert Plant. That's just not his style though. Lifeson adds some pretty interesting riffs, but the technical riffs that Rush is known for is hardly seen on the debut. The drumming flows good with the music, but it isn't Neil Peart. There are no crazy drum fills or syncopated rhythms. Over all it isn't a bad album, but it isn't the best Rush album. I would really get it if you were trying to get all the Rush albums or you were a huge Rush fan. For metal heads, I wouldn't recommend it, you need one of the late 70's early 80's albums, unless you like classical rock.