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Roll the Boring....ZZZ? - 75%

PowerMetalGuardian, August 15th, 2004

The 80's were gone and a new decade was beginning. During this time Rush still pressed on since the early 1970's. An achievement not many bands have been awarded. But with a new decade and most bands changing images and sound, Rush kept a key element and added some new ones as well. The result is some mediocre music by Rush, which remains underrated to most people, except for die hard Rush fans.

In 1991, Rush landed out it's fifteenth full-length album, Roll the Bones. In the past Rush made some pretty good albums with a few dozen hit songs. But you never hear any of their new stuff on the radio...why is this? What made Rush famous was their undying will to make music complicated in their strange, but unique, progressive rock style. For Roll the Bones, each song has its own feel for progressive music, which is one of the key elements. But Rush added some new stuff, that always this album to be swept under the rug.

One of the thing Rush added was a lot of symphonic/synthesizers. Okay sure Rush has done this before, but this time it comes to just about every song. This is a good thing in that the extra sound boosts the quality of the music, but in a bad way the songs sound very repetitive. The other element that Rush added was how the songs were structured. Most of the songs, like 90% of them, are slow. The songs are very melodic, and don't feature some of the cool stuff that Rush is known for. There's maybe one or two intense solos, no insane drum beats by Peart, and the songs just seem to run together, which is very repetitive and boring.

Even Geddy Lee's singing gets boring. It is almost like he just sat there and sang it while he was watching tv or something. Now this is not to say that the album is bad, it is a very decent Rush album. However, no songs stand out as being hits, or being worth your time listening too. I recommend this to all Rush fans (rather die hard fans). If this was your first Rush album, you would probably throw it out and never buy anything Rush again. Some good songs to check out are: Dreamline, Face Up, and Neurotica.