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Its not that bad. - 70%

icedray, December 31st, 2003

Here is the album by Running Wild that is trashed by many metalheads. While this is not a great disc and is a letdown from the prior and excellent album (The Rivalry), its still not bad.

Yes, this is where the drum programming started with RW and it is a mistake because there is the stale drum sound which hurts the material. It is even more stale on this record than on The Brotherhood and thats a shame because some of the songs are very good.

The album starts off with "Fall of Dorkas" which is a good but is not up to par with some of the past lead off tracks on RW's albums. This is followed by the very Maidenish (hey, thats a good thing) "When Time Runs Out" - alot of dual guitar leads here. Then we get a couple of mediocre songs with "Timeriders" and "Into The Fire". They are sorta RW by numbers, nothing to remember here.

Next is the worst song off the album - a cover of the Beatles "Revolution". One word to describe this - Yuk! I hate the original and Rolf and Co. do nothing to change my mind about it. A waste of time and space.

Then we get a little interlude called "The Final Waltz". Nothing special here. So, by now this album is looking pretty bad but don't fear because this is Running Wild afterall and they come back huge with the best song on the album and one my fav RW tracks "Tsar". This has it all - speed, leads, epic moments. A great song!

"The Hussar" is next and there is no letdown because this songs kicks ass as well and is probably the 2nd best song. The rest of the album is solid power metal with "The Guardian", "Return of the Gods", and "Silent Killer". Then the album ends with the great title track which can lay along side the other great RW title tracks. You will be screaming "Victory" and pumping your fist with this one. A great way to end the album.

Put a real drummer on this album and take off the Beatles crap and you would have a very good album but unfortunately, all you have is a solid (and not bad) metal album. Nothing wrong with that.