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No Victory for the Pirates - 55%

evermetal, October 2nd, 2009

Many bands have problems in writing songs and releasing albums that are not similar to one another, either because they run out of inspiration or because they tend to stick in a certain style. One of them is Running Wild. They are stuck to an image they created, that of metal pirates and for some years now all their albums sound the same. And even worse if I can say. This is exactly what happens with Victory. I knew what I was about to listen to and I was proved to be right.

Mr.Kasparek stupidly believed that a band can survive only by keeping their die-hard fans. He was so wrong. All the tracks in Victory have the same structure and they became so predictable; 1st verse, pre-chorus, 2nd verse, pre-chorus and then the refrain which is always the same. First Rock n’ Rolf on his own, then all together, again on his own and here we go again.

Yes, they are fast and heavy. Yes, they have the classic fast and sharp Running Wild riffs with pounding drums and bass following, but is that enough? If you don’t know the band you are sure to like what you’ll hear as long as your intentions are to play it loud, get in motion and bang your head. I’ll say loud and clear. Running Wild had always been an important chapter in the history of heavy metal because they ARE heavy and they love it. But if you’ve heard so much of their stuff you practically get bored!

A band should write simple songs, easy to remember. Songs that they can play on a gig and excite the fans who want to sing along and shout. After twenty years in metal I can still remember very well songs from Death or Glory and Under Jolly Roger. There are only a few tracks that I can single out from Victory. The first one is the self-titled which, to be honest, is perfect. It is a speedy, heavy metal dynamite, really worthy for Running Wild’s history. Another one that stands above the rest is When Time Runs Out. It begins with a nice guitar intro and it features a strong and steady tempo. The last one that stands out is Revolution, despite the fact that it’s a Beatles’ cover. They made it quite catchy and I especially fancy its solo.

Too bad though that these songs had to be in such an album because the rest vary from mediocre to bad. Wrong, they are either bad or deadly boring! In fact, Fall of Dorkas and The Hussar really suck! No wonder why they split-up some years later. Once, they posed a question, “Death or Glory?”. Apparently, they chose death. I am sorry to say such things for a band I really like but it is the awful truth. Without having listened to their last album, I think that Victory is the worst album they ever made.