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Not as bad as it seems... - 60%

anticimex, October 25th, 2009

...but far from their classics.
Starting off with a clearly Painkiller inspired drum intro (too bad they are programmed, but we all know that by now) and an awesome riff, Fall Of Dorkas sets a good standard. The chorus may be a little lacking in creativity and doesn't really inspire me at all, but it's the powerful verse that makes this song for me. I'm not against electric drums, since they can sound good (Ram It Down, and RWs own Brotherhood) but making a song like Fall Of Dorkas which relies a lot on techinical drum patterns is not a good choice.

Right when the opening track is over we head into When Time Runs Out which I think reminds of Judas Priests Turbo album which... Yeah. It's not happy or something, it just reminsd a lot of 80s hair metal shit... So here the album starts to go down. Timeriders is speed metal in the vein of Straight To Hell or Whirlwind, but unfortanately lacks that little spark that is needed. The best thing in it would be the Merciless Game like melody section in the middle, but... It was better in Merciless Game.

And then we get one of all the Running Wild rock songs that I couldn't care less for. Into The Fire... I don't see the point... We already have Soulless, Branded And Exiled and all of those. They were awesome. This one wasn't. And the Beatles cover. No thanks...
The Final Waltz is another attempt at an intro as they usually has in the beginning of a record... But this one doesn't really pull it off as good...

Tzar!!! Finally the album really picks up. It's the first really good song and it has all things that one would want from Running Wild in the post-Under Jolly Roger era. Not much to say, except that it completly wipes out all boring feeling of the former tracks. Running Wild are forgiven. Also I think Rolf copied the Mother Russia melody right off because it's really similar to the melody in the end...

THE HUSSAR!!! The best track on here. It's just right, the melody and the verse and the chorus and I'm totally blown away by this. It's not spectacular in it's structure, you know what's going to happen even the first time you hear it, but this is a good example of "less is more" and it's not boring a single second. One of the best Running Wild tracks of all time.

Up next is The Guardian which at least works, simple as that. Nothing special in other words, but not as boring as the tracks before Tzar. But fear not because Return Of The Gods is the second best on here and also one of the best Running Wild songs ever, again. It's quite similar to Fall Of Dorkas but faster and has a hell of a better chorus. Also, a rarity for Running Wild - a good solo. Rolf is one of my favorite riff makers, he knows how to make a good riff. But RWs solos are mostly not really that impressive. Which isn't the case with ROTG which has a great solo as mentioned.
Ending with the title track that is also a great number, proves that this album isn't complete garbage. But if a few tracks was scrapped like Revolution, Into The Fire and When Time Runs Out this how have got a better rating, and also the programmed drums draws a few points away.