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A sad farewell to a great band. - 70%

edwild, August 2nd, 2011

Running Wild has long been my favorite band, but when the group is no longer a band and became a personal project of Rock'n'Rolf things do not seem to have quite the same magic. Not that after "Masquerade" bad albums have been released, because I think "Victory" and "Rogues en Vogue" excellent discs. But it was inevitable the end of the group, who did more touring and never was very interested in leaving Europe. At the insistence of many fans a farewell concert was organized at Wacken 2009. I'm sure many fans came to the festival with the show's Running Wild as a priority, after all was the parting of the group. Unfortunately things did not go as desired.

To begin it is worth mentioning the message in the booklet about the deletion of some recordings, damaging the final product. But this does not undermine the many fans of the band. Things start to get weirder when you look at the booklet [my version and the double CD and DVD] and there is no detail information or even the full names of the musicians who perform in the show. A few photos and a letter of farewell simplistic and even devoid of feelings. It is inexcusable that the size of a band Running Wild has not a better treatment.

In reviewing the show itself, we can make new negative findings: why put a drum solo at a farewell show? This land could be exchanged for one more song. Speaking of the song set list [although partially assembled by fans in a contest on the band's website] should consider different songs. Some songs like "Soulless," "Tortuga Bay", "Purgatory" could have been exchanged for others, but at this point may say that is a matter of personal taste. Finally it should be remembered that although the Wacken is in Germany, the festival has brought many fans from different countries, as can be seen on flags and banners of the video, so why Rolf communicated only in German? Would not it be nice to exchange a few words in English for everyone to know what he was talking about?

Finally we come to the show: Opening with "Port Royal", followed by "Bad To The Bone" and "Riding The Storm" you might think that the show caught fire, but if you look at the audience, but seeing the musicians seemed more a show in the career of each. Anyone who has watched other videos of the band [Death Or Glory Tour and Live, or the various bootlegs] will remember how Rolf was stirred and choreography. All the energy and strength were lower than I expected to see and hear this show. Even in moments with the largest share of the public ["Prisoner Of Our Time" and "Under Jolly Roger"] I can say I've seen much better versions.

But not to say that we have only disappointing moments I'll remember that he was speaking of Running Wild, which has great songs, and although not 100% it's a fantastic show. The major highlights are the "Battle Of Waterloo", "Conquistadores", "Branded & Exiled" [Rolf decided to wake up here], "Black Hand Inn" and "Whirlwind". Yet it is a CD / DVD that you will keep coming back to watch the show as Bochum and Kiel [memorable bootlegs].

In the DVD extras have the most depressing moments with interviews and a weak section of studio without grace. This is very little for those who have a great story to tell. Will could not have done like Iron Maiden and mount a double DVD show with lower quality, but everyone would love [some scenes appear on the bootleg DVD a few moments]? Maybe a photo gallery? Or perhaps the participation of former band members talking about [as in Sodom DVD]. The truth is that for a material that should have been a gift to the fans or believe that the result was disappointing. Some hardcore fans may think I'm exaggerating, but watch the Death Or Glory Tour or Live and draw your own conclusions.