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There Are Better - 50%

OzzyApu, May 17th, 2012

This cover serves a purpose that its peers already do. For Running Wild, it doesn’t capture the essence of the album it’s on, nor would I consider it a highlight of the same album. It’s enjoyable, but I could pick almost any song on Victory to replace this as the single. Add the fact that I’m highly neutral to The Beatles and thus it becomes a chore to sit through this song over and over again.

Victory has its share of power metal songs that show Running Wild staying alive (and Rolf still sane). This song is no different since it was properly translated into the heavy / power metal realm. Rolf’s catchy wailing, harmonious riffs, the Running Wild twist, and a dull drum machine to maintain the steady, unsophisticated clonking involved in a modest song such as this. Not a whole lot of passion, but enough of a blend to constitute ear candy. The clear production is marred by the lack of vigor and crunchiness that defined previous Running Wild songs, but these drawbacks can be overlooked with passive listening.

If anything, check out Victory. This vocal-driven single doesn’t do a good enough job of teasing or showing the best Running Wild could accomplish for that album. There are worthier tracks that shouldn’t be disregarded, so give those some attention and enjoy what few years of credibility this band still had left.