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Pile of Painkiller!!! - 89%

UltraBoris, August 27th, 2002

This is definitely their best album. While not their creative peak, all their ideas here are Really Fucking Good!!! This is for the most part speed metal, with some really heavy epic power metal thrown in for good measure also. Pretty much everything you'd expect from Running Wild: fast-as-Hell riffs, singalong choruses, and no stupid flower-metal moments.

We start with "Chamber of Lies" - really cool introduction, reminiscent of "Ides of March". This leads into "Whirlwind" (like a whirlwind, touched for the very first time...), which is pure speed metal. Man, if only Madonna kicked this much fucking ass!! "Sinister Eyes" is a bit slower, but still well within the confines of speed metal. "Black Wings of Death" is more melodic, and has maybe most epic-sounding chorus on here, short of the final track of course.

"Fistful of Dynamite" - again, more fun speed metal. Pretty much this album is Painkiller-like in going forward at maximum velocity, never stopping for rest. "Roaring Thunder" is a bit over midpaced but is no less intense than the previous few, and then we get to... PILE OF SKULLS!!!!! Definitely the fastest song they have ever done. Great fun, total "Ram it Down" worship here. "Lead or Gold" is a bit more melodic, as is "White Buffalo", and finally "Jenning's Revenge" is more of a power-metal song, but still maintaining the insaneness of speed metal, just combining it with more sing-along verses than some of the songs in the beginning.

Then, we have the last track. One of the best epic songs of all time - eleven minutes long, or something, and this thing has it all. Power metal, speed metal, even some thrash riffs here and there sounding like "Beyond the Black". Absolutely killer way to close the album here.

Best thing I can compare this to... PAINKILLER!!!! Yes indeed, Primal Fear may try, but Running Wild has come up with an album that's almost as intense, and has many of the same musical qualities, with only the vocals being the real difference.