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Blistering Metal! - 95%

icedray, January 3rd, 2004

This was the first album that I bought of RW and lemme tell ya - I was floored upon my first listening and still am to this day. Sometimes, the first album you hear of a band has a special place in your metal heart and this album sure does.

It starts off with an intro "The Contract/The Crypts of Hades" and then the ripping title track comes in and you begin to headbang with a fury that lasts for the entire album. The title track is amazing speed metal with the typical catchy chorus but its the guitars that stand out here. They are fast, crisp, and precise like a buzz saw gone nuts. The title track then immediately goes into the next song "Demonized" and while a notch slower, this song still rips and is a worthy successor to the title track.

"Black Soul" starts off with the drums and guitars dueling then into one catchy as hell number. Everything about this song flows well. Understand this boys and girls, there are not too many who can write a metal tune like Rock n Rolf and this song is a perfect example.

Ok, we are only 3 songs in and all 3 are masterpieces, so we must have a letdown, right? No fucking way because the next 2 songs are some of the best RW songs of all time! First, you have "Lions of The Sea" which starts with a very Maiden beginning. I swear I expected Bruce to start singing but instead a blazing dual guitar attach comes in and rips your face off! This song is heavy, fast, epic, and quite moving. You just wanna sail the seas after you listen to this classic. Next up is the very traditional metal sounding but still very excellent "Rebel at Heart". This is a straight up heavy metal that could have come right from the 80's. I swear if you close your eyes, you think you'd be wearing a bandanna and spandex and rocking out in the 80's. Great stuff.

The next 2 songs are a notch lower (hey, sooner or later you knew it was going to happen) but are still very good - "Wheel of Doom" and "Metalhead".

The high quality comes back with "Soleil Royal". This is RW doing what no other bands can do. Just pure speed metal about a commander of a ship which makes you realize that this niche that RW has carved out just does not get old. The album finishes out with a couple of more good numbers in "Men in Black" and "Underworld".

So, about 53 minutes of nothing but excellent metal. No fillers, here folks. Any metalhead should look into this album. If you don't enjoy this one, you don't have a pulse.