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It's not that bad! - 60%

anticimex, March 26th, 2011

Considering the back catalogue of Running Wild, one can only have wet dreams about what they could have made with their 2002's live recording. But of course, Rolfs dictatorship has arised to new levels, leaving other participants opinions in total ignorance. Of course, former great guitarist and bass player Thilo and Thomas are long gone by here, the later actually being the lucky one to actually have been the longest staying member of RWs history.

Now there's another nonames, at least to me. But that's not the problem, because they perform well. The problem is the setlist. And the setlist isn't even that bad either; it just doesn't compare to the catalogue Running Wild had at this point.

But of course, this is early 2000 and not 1989 or 1995 (RWs two peaks). What bugs me is they don't play the best songs from Victory and The Brotherhood. Being the flawed albums they are, there are still magnificient tracks on them, no doubt about it. Rolf still had it in him, when he wanted to. But the choices for the live album is just terrible.

Unation? Crossfire? Soulstrippers?! Was that the best he could have come up with? Yeah they are not the worst songs ever written, but seriosly... We had The Hussar, Tzar. Pirate Song and The Ghost on the albums before this one. Excellent songs, among the best RW has ever made. Also, I wouldn't mind listening to a live version of the otherwise super instrumental Siberian Winter. But no... We got the most boring rock songs he could find.

Otherwise than that, most songs are actually well thought out. Lead Or Gold from Pile Of Skulls isn't probably the most overplayed song ever, as well as Soulless, I guess. But there are two big flawes here:

Blazon Stone and Riding The Storm share the same problem. The intro is missing. The intros are so fucking epic to both songs, and essential to build up the songs: why are they left out?! Noooo! The songs feels kinda empty without the intros. They are performed well and everything, but imagine this... Iron Maiden plays Fear Of The Dark without the intro. Or Manowar plays Hail And Kill without the intro. Or Slayer skips the DUM-DUM-DUM before Raining Blood. It's just the same here: an essential ingredience to the wholeness was removed.

The production is alright, even if the drums are obviousbly triggered. I don't mind that really, because I like albums like Ram It Down and that's triggered for sure. As long as it sounds good: yeah!

But overall, it's not perfect. And it's mostly due to Rolfs inferior setlist. And I say Rolf just because he was the dictator at the time. So, not far from being a solo project: this is the last signs of Running Wild. Not a good hear, but still worth one listen. I would recommend ripping the CD to your computer and delete the songs you don't wanna hear. Then it's excellent. Ready For Boarding wasn't even 10 tracks, and that's a lot more enjoyable than this, because it had some kind of "perfection" feeling to it.

Anyway, it's not bad, but not up to RW standards

They can do better than this... - 55%

Flamos, September 13th, 2008

This should’ve been a very good live album. Running Wild are a damn good band and they’ve been around for decades. So their catalog has some great tunes that every hardcore Running Wild fan would enjoy hearing live. This album should’ve delivered. Instead, we get a very horrid track list that could’ve been great.

The album itself is performed well. Rolf’s voice is as good as it should sound and they are played to perfection. “Riding the Storm”, “Lead or Gold”, “Blazon Stone”, “Uaschitschun” and “Under Jolly Roger” are all good tracks that I’m glad they played. Too bad the rest of the tracks are below average or just aren’t that good. The crowd is excited at some points, but then other times their almost non existent. Probably because the track list put them to sleep. The production is above average, so that’s a plus.

This album could’ve been amazing. Sadly, it was far from it. Any die-hard Running Wild fan will probably own it, but to you casual fans stay away. It’s sadness to me to write this review for such a good band, but they need to start picking better track lists. It’s not worth the money.

Not satisfied... - 65%

Sinner, February 2nd, 2003

Not satisfied with releasing two bad albums after each other - Rolf now brings us what must be one of the most boring live releases off the last couple of years.

It's been 13 years since the last live album (Ready For Boarding) and in the meantime Rolf & co. wrote at least a dozen or more true "classic songs" - and the problem is - practically NONE of those can be found on here. Instead, what you get is a setlist which basically stinks - with at least 10 or 12 tracks that I can't imagine anyone caring too much about, save for Rolf himself. The only real saving graces on here are the inclusion of the brilliant "Riding The Storm", "Blazon Stone" and the two classics "Prisoners Of Our Time" & "Under Jolly Roger" - the rest can easily be described as a collection of "the worst of"'s...

Luckily though, the sound is an improvement over the last two releases, giving all the "Victory" & "Brotherhood" songs a little bit of extra "oomph" - not that it matters much though - they still remain below-par. Apart from that there hardly seems to be any live-atmosphere whatsoever - did anyone forget to let the crowd into the place or what ?

Shame - real shame - this could have been amazing (where the hell are the following songs - "Pile Of Skulls", "Black Hand Inn", "Privateer", "Masquerade", "Lions Of The Sea", "Rivalry", "Fire & Thunder", "Death Or Glory", "Port Royal" or "Conquistadors" ? ? ? !!) but as it stands it just remains mediocre.

Only for the die-hard fans that need everything in their collection.