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Bring The Leather - 80%

OzzyApu, June 9th, 2010

As the second of four overall demos by the band, let it be known that these two tracks would appear on the Heavy Metal Like A Hammerblow compilation. Yes, that says Hammerblow, I’m not just pulling that word out of my ass. The production is a step up from the first demo release two years prior to this, and already the band sounds just as vivid and vintage as they would on the full-length debut. The only major difference is the production itself, but strip it of the fuzz and it’d pretty much be the album rendition.

By the time this demo was released, Rolf was the last founding member, so the band fell on his shoulders. The line-up by this time became Hagemann, Boriss, Rolf, and the super cool Preacher who would go on to make the first couple of albums stand the test of time.

The vintage intro to “Adrian S.O.S.” would compel any black metal band, and in itself is proto-thrash metal of a sort. Well, I can’t really cal it proto-thrash since thrash metal was already there by 1983, but the style is there. The riffs are twirling throughout the song’s fast-paced tempo, although the production makes it quiet instead of loud and in your face. The bass barely squeezes with some grumbling, but the guitars and Rolf are clearly there as they’ve always been. The drums, no joke, get the worst bit and end up sounding like toothpicks hitting snares as if they were in a different from down the hallway – and that’s the snares, so good luck picking up anything else from the kit.

“Chains And Leather” fairs much better, sounding more like the full-length debut except for that strip of production fuzz and volume. Not much will stop you from rocking out with this mid-paced, sing-a-long anthem like you would with the full-length version. Rolf’s hoarse speaking / singing itself, if a little colder and rougher, would be that of black metal in that they’d be stewed and tormented. Aside from that, you can actually hear the drum kit, which is great except for the thud of the snares (sounds like a bed being tossed at a door… because I know what that sounds like).

Should you check this one out? Yes, check out all that Running Wild has to offer (don’t quote me on that when it comes to the later albums). However, skip this demo individually and go see everything else it got combined with on the Heavy Metal Like A Hammerblow compilation. There’s so much that the band gave us, so why not feast on it like kings?