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We'll stay our course, whatever will come! - 97%

tylr322, June 13th, 2011

"Death or Glory" is one of Running Wild's best albums, although they do have a lot of "best albums." After the classic "Port Royal" this album has a different and more epic feel about things, not in a serious way but just in the way certain tracks like the first one and the second to last one sound. It's actually pretty amazing in itself how these two albums were made in the space of two years, they are both so great. The band would eventually go on releasing classic after classic.

There are a couple of real masterpieces on this album and you don't need to be a genius to figure them out. Now I will run through the album track by track. The first masterpiece is the first track, "Riding the Storm", a song has been put together with overwhelming passion, creativity and energy. No where do Rolf's vocals shine more than in this track, the way the chorus is presented just has so much emotion. The riffs in this song thunder across at pace like a violent typhoon and stick in your head like no other, with supercharged, empowering verses and choruses that compliment each other marvelously, the drumming is probably at it's best in this unforgettable song. "Renegade" is another awesome track, slows things down a bit but still a nice catchy tune. "Evilution" slows things down even more, but this isn't a bad thing as it's well done, once the song almost hits the one minute mark the majestic guitars start and lead into a massive, chunky wombat of a riff, this is another solid song.

"Running Blood" is another great track, It's got a more stylish structure compared with the other songs but still possessed some genius riffing. "Highland Glory" is an odd instrumental which sounds a lot different and more diverse than the other songs too, it has a sequence of melodies which are quite effective. Now it's time to get down to business, "Marooned" is back at full speed with blinding rhythm guitar and you will notice some awesomely, effective guitar work after the first chorus, the drumming is also particularly great here, lot's of interesting fills, even the outro riffing is very powerful.

Here comes one from the single, "Bad to the Bone", a sing along classic, I don't care if you are a metal fan or not, you will sing along with this song and you will fucking love it. Totally awesome track. The next song, "Tortuga Bay" is pure speed metal insanity and it's just what the doctor ordered, the whole song is fun as hell to listen too and bang your damn head. The title track "Death or Glory" follows almost in the same vein but is not quite as fast but is still a very good number with a wonderful solo.

If only this was the last song, "The Battle of Waterloo" is the big fat epic everyone's talking about in the reviews below, and are they over hyping it a bit, well.. fuck no. This song is un-fucking-believable. It starts off with bagpipes which are supposed to remind us battle during the Napoleonic Era, they eventually lead into exceptional mid paced riffing which blends in perfectly with middle of the song where it gets majestic and marvelous, the way the second solo is presented can evoke some serious emotion. The song finishes with the great rhythm it started out with. This is truly a masterpiece. The only pretty boring track is the last one "March On", it doesn't really go anywhere and it's not really as interesting as the other tracks. In all honesty it would be a decent song on any other album, but the music on "Death or Glory" set the standard higher.

The production was the best at this point compared to all their other albums, If you like heavy/power/speed metal, then "Death or Glory" is the ultimate album.