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Fast, Catchy, And Fun As Hell... - 96%

NecroWraith, August 10th, 2007

This album is probably Running Wild's catchiest yet, and thats saying a lot. Pirate-themed lyrics, fast riffs, pounding drums... this album can basically be summed up in one word: fun.

I think it's pretty obvious that the whole band is having a shitload of fun here, and are playing their hearts out. Everything sounds great. The band does have originality, yet their influences can unmistakably be heard as well. There's a Priest-ey riff or two, or there's a Maiden-esque chorus, Scorpions, Accept, and more. Yet this band is not ripping off. Originality is what they've got plenty of.

Except for the weak "March On", which simply didnt seem to grow on me a bit, the whole album is great. It's got everything you could ask for, and another element I feel is important to mention is the epic-ness. Just give yourself a listen to "Riding The Storm" or "Battle Of Waterloo" and tell me yourself if that is not the exact definition of 'epic'.

The music is without a doubt more melodic than their previous releases, and the top-notch production highlights this superbly. No instrument is drowned out, and each member has a chance to shine. The songwriting is extremely well done, music and lyric-wise, and definitely shows these guys have talent.

Guitars, as I mentioned above, are amazing. Riffs and solos are both highly memorable and fit in with the music VERY well. The vocals have had a huge improvement over the previous releases, and I've actually never heard anyone else say this before, but to me they sound a lot like Killers-era Paul Di'Anno.

The drumming is just about as perfect as you can get. Finlay does a great job of staying in rhythm, and instead of a constant pounding of the same tempo, each song has rhythm-changes done flawlessly.

Definitely an underrated power metal gem from an underrated band that did not get all the recognition they deserved, 'Death Or Glory' is a necessity in any metal collection.

-Marcin C.