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This is where Running Wild starts to REALLY rule - 79%

UltraBoris, August 27th, 2002

Starting with this one, they put out a string of monster speed metal albums. They definitely have listened to PAINKILLER with this one - the songwriting has stepped up in intensity quite a bit from their previous few efforts. While not as all-out lethal as the follow-up, Pile of Skulls, this is definitely a good solid kick in the face nonetheless.

The title track is the longest on here, and has a really cool chorus. Probably the best song on here, since it throws in some killer speed-metal riffs and some definite Judas Priest style soloing. "Lone Wolf" is also very cool, a bit more power-metal sounding. "Slavery" isn't quite as speed metal, nor is "Fire and Ice", but both definitely kick ass. "Little Big Horn" is one of the few non-pirate songs that they have. More fun power metal.

"White Masque" has one of the most perfect choruses in the history of metal - think Blind Guardian in terms of complexity and catchiness. Then "Rolling Wheels" is one of those 80s-styled metal anthems. Think "Rock the Nations" by Saxon. Very nice.

"Bloody Red Rose" is power metal, and then we get to "Straight to Hell" - the fastest song on here, almost as fast as "Pile of Skulls" - total headbanging madness. "Heads or Tails" closes out the album - catchy and fun.

So what we have here is not quite Judas Priest "Painkiller" (not as much as their next album) but still, something very very impressive, and just downright fun to listen to. All the songs are fun, nothing is overly cheesy, and generally sensible songwriting combined with excellent riff work and some nice soloing stands out.