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Running Wild’s Best Single? - 80%

OzzyApu, January 8th, 2010

For concert anthems, it’s hard to compete with “Bad To The Bone.”
For grand epics, “The Battle Of Waterloo” is where it’s at.
For surviving a battle, sometimes “March On” is all that’s needed.

Production for these songs is crisp, loud, and encrusted with royalty and all the imperialism you could possible cram in with less than twenty minutes to spare. Running Wild were arguably at their peak with this Death Or Glory – very hard to top of material that album. Individual songs may go track against track, but it’s damn near impossible trying to pick an album that, overall, beats Death Or Glory. Might as well not try and just enjoy everything the band didn’t jack up. Drumming is ferocious, as are the twin guitar attacks; no mercy when slaying the enemy – but they stay classy while doing it!

“Bad To The Bone” stampedes with the tempo backed by cold-blooded, snarling guitars and Rolf winning the crowd over. The chorus, as infectious as anything can get, will have you roaring along in joy. You’ll never be able to nail Rolf’s lucid, resonating howl, but you’ll hardly care. “The Battle Of Waterloo” also shines in the chorus department, tapping into your historical side and bringing out the soldier in you. Napoleon wouldn’t have stood a chance if the Allied Coalitions had this song on their side. The chorus may be something to get worked up over, but it’s that soaring lead harmony and all the riffs revolving around it that tingle my spine. They just hit the spot; ambitious and magnificent - the jewel of the band’s discography.

This single features three tracks which represent the maturity of the band and the overall sound of the new album. The single itself blows away most any other single I’ve ever heard, but expectations were high when this came out. Could they really pack other great songs with these three? Well, Running Wild has been kind to history, and history has indeed been kind to Rolf. The other band members pretty much bit the dust by 1992, but Rolf was still kicking it with Running Wild until very recently.

If Iron Maiden is your thing, then there’s no shame in your game. Running Wild’s brand of power metal-fused heavy metal is unmatched. History has shown us this, and now you’ll need to see Death Or Glory if you haven’t already.