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Agni - 70%

TikrasTamsusNaktis, September 29th, 2012

This little EP begins with one of the most amazing riffs I have heard in a long time! The first main riff for "Of Bravery and Will" simply kills everything in its path. This riff let alone made listening to the rest of the EP enjoyable. The song continues on at a fast pace that you would definitely call black metal with fast tremolo riffing and blast beats and heavy cymbal usage. The awesome riff comes in once again during the song and after that part the song goes full out death metal with background chugging and some slightly technical riffs for all you technical freaks. Overall the song has a great balance of majestic, angry black metal and some heavy death metal influences.

The vocals on the album are more black metal orientated but have a leaning towards Viking metal traits with how the howls are released and the speed at which the lyrics are sung. The musicians in the band are certainly great at what they do and there is little fault that I can find in this release.

The one thing I find interesting about this albums concept is that the lyrics focus on Indian religion. This is interesting because I do not know of any black/death metal bands that focus on this kind of stuff. You could say it is a fresh concept but whether I am just narrow minded or something I just don’t feel that this is the most should I say "appropriate" religion to focus on in music such as this. I'm all for openness in music I guess just for me personally with the whole look that the band members portray and music that they play they should be focusing on Norse or at least European ancient religions. Regardless, I am not on to judge and it in no way makes the music any worse. I guess it is a fresh idea.

Overall the music on the album is 70% black metal and 30% death metal. The influences all intermingle together and so therefore this music might appeal to a more broad audience. The music is epic, aggressive with plenty of kick ass riffs. The production is just right. It is not overly under produced. There are no major faults in this release and I do recommend checking this out for some great head banging fun and hailing Agni?