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Solid Doom - 70%

earthwormgaz, December 12th, 2008

This is a good record, good solid doom. It wanders along like a fat man in size 12 steel toe cap boots, heavy hitting in its own plodding way, pounding out solid rhythms as it walks the dark Scandinavian wilds wrapped in thin coat of runic mystery.

Metaphor aside, there are some lovely riffs on here. The pace is steady, we're not looking at funeral doom here, but big heavy thunderous riffs stomp at your ears, and they're helped massively by solid doom production. The sound is big, chunky bass and nasty guitar, you're head is full of it with enough volume. We're not talking quite the levels of meat of say, Electric Wizard, but its good.

The vocals are quite sparse at times, leaving the guitar and drums to keep your feet tapping and your head nodding. However, when they do kick in, they are of a similar standard, well above average.

The song writing works well, with the aforementioned rock solid riffs jumping out from more the more downbeat and minimal with ease, never losing your interest.

I find it quite refreshing that the band are singing about runes and such like, it makes a change from endless "pot" references in this sort of music. On a similar note, the occasional subtle death metal touch, and thick otherworldly atmosphere in general make this record stand out a little from the pack.

Well worth picking up.