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Awesome - 96%

shantanupatni1991, February 21st, 2009

Remember the time you first heard Bolt Thrower and Grave and said music cannot be heavier and more mind blowing than this? Well, this band is here to prove you wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, Enter The Realm of Death… and Doom.

I had this band’s 2005 release “Envenom” which I rejected saying it was just another death/doom record. But now that I’ve rediscovered them and realized how much variety and quantity they have to offer, I must say, I’m late and feeling quite stupid and regretful.

You increase the number of slower sections in the aforementioned bands and this is what you’ll get, rest of the characteristics remaining same, like the uncountable number of skull crushing riffs, or the equally heavy, pounding and shattering work on the drums. This would be one of the few bands that are able to retain their aggression and brutality even during the slower more atmospheric sections; an area where most bands usually end up sounding dull and middle-aged.

The vocals and guitars have an unbelievably dark & gloomy feel to them, which is only amplified and inflamed by the keyboard overtones, the outstanding bass lines and other atmospheric effects which have been incorporated to ensure perfection and flawlessness in the grimness of each and every song. The best example of this would be the title track. There just aren’t any compromises, which makes this album a class apart. Nicklas Rudolfsson has made riffs worth a discography and used them on this one album which is not even an hour long. That’s more than enough proof of how non-monotonous this is and how it is probably a step ahead of its peers.