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Yes, Runemagick, arise mighty one - 90%

nibblemark, March 6th, 2009

The first time I visited Runemagick’s web page right here in the good ol’ Metal Archives, I was shocked at how few reviews (practically none) there are of their material. I fucking love this band. More people need to know about them.

Does your family drive you crazy? Do you want to strangle your boss? Does your room smell too much like farts and TV dinners? Do you spend too much time wondering where it all went wrong? Put all of that aside my friend, listen to this disc and let yourself escape to into the world of Runemagick.

I once read somewhere that the members of the band consider their music to be experiments in creating soundscapes. This is a very fitting description. Then again, another very fitting description would be 12-ton lead boot heavy death-infused doom mastery born of the greatest nightmares. Multitudes of bands should pray all day and night to the pagan gods and beg to be half as good as this Swedish threesome. They are bold in their presentation, daring in their creativity and epic in their vision. Close your eyes and you can feel the earth shake and see the mighty Cthulhu rise out of the ocean’s depths. Or something like that. Fascinating and ambient soundscapes, yes. But also plenty of great riffs and hooks. A perfect blend of old school doom with more modern experimental forays.

Runemagick have a rather impressive back catalogue. They are very prolific, considering the fact that their music is so anti-commercial and that it must be difficult to get funding for recording: a half dozen demos, a couple of EPs, a live album and eleven full-length studio albums, including the masterpieces, “On Funeral Wings” and “Requiem of the Apocalypse”.

Their discs are not always easy to find, but I have a fair number of them. And their music is not easy to listen to; it requires practice and time to sink in, but it’s definitely worth it. I admit when I heard about a new release, I was very curious to see if they were able to retain their umm… creative runemagick (sorry, too easy). There are so many bands that just run out of gas and nothing can be done. Thank the Great Old Ones, this is not the case, as Runemagick are in full creative and interpretive force. In fact, “Dawn of the End” is some of their finest work.

Hail the mighty Runemagick!