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Schizoid-LSD Grind - 82%

bestial_hero_, August 1st, 2004


Imagine a cross between The Red Chord and Cephalic Carnage, and you have Kalibas.Catchy, almost Gothenburgian riffs are strewn between the hyperfast blasting. The vocals are top-notch, madman screaming and road scraping growls. Drumming on this seems a tad bland, sure they lay down the beat and blast like mad and provide the backbone of the music, but there is nothing special, they just sit in the back and stay there.


How to describe Rune...It's very hard, I can only call them the Mr. Bungle of grindcore. Their electronic noodling and interludes break the monotony that plagues most grindcore. Every time I listen to these tracks, it seems like something totally different. The guitar riffing is very oddball, strange time signatures thrown over the rather over-produced blastfest of the drums. The vocals would be at home in a Black Metal band almost, they lean towards the higher end of the harsh vocal spectrum. These tracks are much more interesting than Kalibas, but not as strong.