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Holy deaththrashing fuck! - 100%

MosquitoControl, February 9th, 2008

What sort of metal monster would you get if they took the thick fuzz guitars of Swedish death metal (think Carnage, Grave, Repugnant) combined them with the pure aggression of the best Teutonic thrash (think Kreator's Pleasure to Kill, Sodom's Persecution Mania) and insanely fast blasting South American death metal (think Raebelliun, Krisiun)? The creature given to birth to would be none other than Ruin's second demo, simply titled Demo 2007.

This is a short release even for a demo. The three songs total less than seven minutes (and that's only because "Tainted Soul" is almost three full minutes long). The opening song, "Welcome to Insanity" could not have a more fitting title; it's 1:44 of raging thrashing death metal, complete pedal-to-the-floor madness (it's refreshing to hear a death metal band that plays fast without relying on blastbeats). Ruin uses the riffs as the propulsion instead, driving the song forward with incredible force (and all this without the hints of melody that have ruined so many almost great death metal albums). As good as that song is, the closer "Tainted Soul," is even better; being a bit longer it develops as an actual song. One could imagine Slayer salivating if they heard a main riff like this, just ridiculously fast and stupidly aggressive. There's a solo halfway through that splits the difference between James Murphy on Cause of Death and Bill Steer on Necroticism. The drummer does an awesome job with wicked fills and machine gun snare rolls that really add some heft to what might be an otherwise slightly repetitive listen.

This really is some of the best death thrash (or thrashing death) I've ever heard. Granted it's just a three song demo, but bands in this style have a tendency to borrow from the wrong sources and usually end up with watered down weak death metal or slowed down heavy thrash metal. Rarely does a band come along that captures the true spirit of both, and Ruin does just that. Demo 2007 is fast, propulsive, heavy, mean, aggressive, and it fucking rips the face off any and all the other death thrash bands out there.

(As a side note, the entire demo can be downloaded in ZIP format for free from their website.)