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One of the best albums in the prog genre - 93%

Yyzlin, July 14th, 2004

This album is what progressive is all about: absolutely lush and layered vocals sung by the incredibly talented DC Cooper, Andre Anderson's keyboards creating such an bombast and grand atmosphere interweaving and trading off with Jacob Kiaer's guitars beautifully, and accessible but complex melodies that have pop sensibilities, but manage to stay fresh after repeated listens.

Every song is a winner, but a few particularly stand out. River of Pain is a fantastic song with an addicting chorus, the kind you can't help but sing along. That would be the start of merely a trend consistent through the whole album. Catchy, grand choruses pop up in nearly every track. Message of God perfectly epitimizes that with not only the best chorus, but the best song of the album. The huge chorus has trade offs with Cooper and a choir that just envelopes the listener into a grand wall of sound. It has to be heard to understand its glory. Simply tremendous.

The whole album is brilliant, and is a worthy purchase of any progressive rock/metal fan. Cooper gives a breakout performance in his sophomore album with the band, and the songwriting is at its peak, intregrating all the instruments and vocals into a sonic treat. Very highly recommended.