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A Few Extremely Exceptional Songs Drive This Album - 82%

PowerProg_Adam, February 10th, 2003

This album shows fans what Royal Hunt is capable of. DC Cooper has an absolutely amazing voice and Andre Andreson shows why he is the leader and founder of the band with his amazing work on the keyboard(or keytar if you prefer). Message To God is one of the most well written songs of its genre both lyrically and musically. River of Pain doesn't fall far behind. There is not really a completely horrible song on Paradox, but there may be a couple that tempt you to skip them because they start out kind of slow. If you are looking for a track that tests the abilities of the human voice, you'll enjoy Silent Scream. DC sounds like a god in the world of progressive metal on this album in particular, ranking right up there with Geoff Tate, Ray Alder, and James LaBrie.