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Surprisingly Good - 92%

Tharos_sama, December 2nd, 2007

This album is the first one I heard from this band. After reading comparisons between Rough Silk and Savatage (one of my favourite bands) I had to check this band out, but there weren’t any reviews about their albums here in this site, and that’s why I am writing their first one, as such a good band should not be overlooked.

I am not very keen on cheesy generic melodic metal, and I feared Rough Silk could be just one more of the tons of this kind out there. Hopefully, I was completely wrong. They have much more to offer than plain up tempo drumming and loud shrieks. The songs on the album really differ from each other, and the whole release was made a way it really sounds better when listened to in the correct order, so you won’t find yourself skipping tracks on this one.

The musicians are talented, especially the vocalist, who shows quite a good range and really can suit his voice to each song. A great part of the songs feelings are due to him, though the other musicians also do a very good work. There isn’t a lot of repetition as could be expected from a melodic metal band, actually, the songs tend to be long and sometimes complex. You won’t find any light speed guitar solos here.

Though I must agree they can be compared to Savatage, it is clear they have their own sound, this is not a Savatage rip off. Despite of it, the quality of the songwriting can be compared to those of the later Savatage albums.

Any fan of Savatage should check this album out, just as any fan of good power/melodic metal should. Keep in mind that the album is much better when listened from the beginning to the end. This band deserves a chance, I will be sure to go after more of their albums.

Highlights: “The End”, “Circle of Pain”, “…And The Winds Screams In Anger”, “The Mysterious Boot Hill Grave Inscription”.