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Rotting Obscene - Depths of Decay

Unrelentless Brutality - 84%

JC Legion, September 1st, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Independent

Rotting Obscene, which features the presence of a former touring member of Arsis, are a band that doesn't need all those fancy gimmicks to grab the attention of the modern metal crowd. They may not bring anything new to the table for brutal or technical death metal, but they have proven that they don't have to in order to stand with the best of them.

Their string work is furiously written and arguably the best part of the album. They may be brutal, but that doesn't mean they don't shy away from good harmonies at times, and they certainly don't fail to include masterfully written guitar solos.

Both vocalists deliver exceptional performances. Jon Fralick delivers great growls and high pitched screams, and Eric Conrad dishes out some of the most barbaric guttural I've ever heard. It's sometimes hard to believe that both of these men can perform their vocal duties while simultaneously running their fretboards at blistering speeds. Both of them are backed by incredibly technical bass-work and high stamina drumming. It only took this band one album to lay the foundation for what they're out to prove.

While the album lacks any material placed there as filler, a couple standout tracks would definitely be the title track, Depths of Decay, and Temporal Diminishment. This band is highly recommended for fans of brutal, technical death metal, in the vein of what you might find on Comotose.