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Great debut - 90%

natrix, May 3rd, 2004

I love this album, despite the fact that many people might not like its rawness. Having said that, there are still a few of the telltale melodies of new Rotting Christ, but this is so much heavier and more "evil."

"The Sign of Evil Existence" blasts along with a really nice riff, and really raspy vocals. The riffing is what makes Rotting Christ special; they seem to use a lot of palm muted things, that seem kind of beautiful, yet evil at the same time. Other times, they'll use actual riffing, rather than just tremolo picked speed. The only thing that sucks about this song is that it's so short. "Transform All Sufferings Into Plagues" is quite a bit slower. The "chorus" sounds a lot like Candlemass, with the pitter-patter bass drums and slow riffing. "Fgmenth, Thy Gift" has a jerky main riff, and yes, it does sound a bit like Metallica's "Seek and Destroy." "Exiled Archangels" is one of my favorite songs on here, and that opening riff is just monsterous--kind of atmospheric, like Mayhem's "Funeral Fog." It goes into a heavier riff after the verses, which is nice too. "The 4th Knight of Revelation" has another monster opening riff, which works really well. My main problem with this album is that some of the songs on here just sort of go by, especially after "Exiled Archangels." Everything else is great, though.

If you get the reissue (and I reccommend that you do), there's two bonus tracks. "Visions of the Dead Lover" is probably my favorite Rotting Christ song, and it's very emotional. It's fast most of the time, and the lead guitar is awesome. The part after the first verse is really cool; a scale played rather quickly. It goes slower in the middle, but it still sounds very powerful, especially when the solo comes in. Excellent song. I don't like the song "The Mystical Meeting" at all. It has some chugging riff and total death metal vocals, making it sound totally out of place. They do throw some weird keyboards in there too, but they're just weird. Is this really a Rotting Christ song?

Once again, we have a Greek band using a drum machine (just like Nightfall and Septic Flesh...hmm, does "Costas" play on here as well). With the rough production it doesn't sound too much like a drum machine, but it certainly doesn't help the album out too much. The rough production does help, and Rotting Christ sound like a vintage black metal band with an interesting touch on here.