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Excellent Greek Style Black Metal - 91%

StarGazer007, January 21st, 2013

The genre of black metal seems to be highly occupied by the Norwegian camp but there are occasionally the bands from outside of Norway that continue to bring a new and clever sound to the black metal genre. Rotting Christ is a prime example of that kind of band. Here, they bring in elements of folk music into this album. Their sound fits their lyrics in a perfect way as well. When they are delving into a more Satanic lyrical theme, they progress toward a darker sound. When they move into Pagan lyrical themes, they incorporate more folk influence.

Rotting Christ is entirely original in their approach to black metal on this album. The vocals are neat and well-structured to fit their style, their guitars are heavy (with an occasional sick solo on a couple of these songs) and their songs are up-beat and fast. There really isn't any part on this album that leave one disappointed.

The vocals on the album were genious. Sometimes there are clean vocals and other times there are choral vocals. Sometimes there are speaking parts and mostly (suiting to black metal) the growls. The choral vocals on the songs gave it a much more Pagan and Greek feel to it. They were more than important on the lyrical themes discussing Pagan creation myths. The growling vocals aided to give these Pagan songs a more dark feeling to it. They were well-suited to the lyrical content.

The guitars were fast-tempo. They too, like the vocals, matched the lyrics quite well. Sometimes, you here a band and you say to yourself that while the band was musically talented, they were not so lyrically talented. Or maybe one thinks that they were lyrically gifted but their music just didn't match. This is not the case with this album.

Rotting Christ is from Greece and after listening to this album, one can affirm that they are from Greece. Their lyrics describe Pagan myths, they use Greek terms, and the folk influence they incorporate into this masterpiece gives an overall Pagan atmosphere. This is an excellent piece of Greek-styled black metal.