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The Greeks are back! - 93%

Savvas, March 20th, 2007

Following their successful album “Sanctus Diavolos”, the Greeks are back on track with their waited new album “Theogonia”. This is their 10th full-length studio album featuring 10 tracks and one of the first 2007 releases.

Fortunately, all the typical Rotting Christ elements are present in this album ranging from the operatic keyboard elements, the palm muted melodic riffs, pinches, choirs and some newly added traditional middle-east sounds (ex. Enuma Elish). In addition, songs like “The Sign of Prime Creation” contain Greek words adding the Greek element to the overall sound. It follows a similar path to their previous or “Sanctus Diavolos” except from the Greek-Eastern melodies which made it an enjoyable surprise, to me at least.

Starting with the title of the album, “Theogonia”, which is defined as the origin of Gods and the way existence appeared out of emptiness, makes the album a conceptual album thus, exploring the ways you come to life. Concerning the lyrical content and track titles, everything relates to “Theogonia” exploring this godly world relating to myths and history, a typical mesmerizing Rotting Christ aspect.

By all means, this is a complex album so there’s absolutely no way you can manage to get everything from the first spin. Solid drumming, high, low and mid-tempo tracks, scream blasts and the keyboard atmosphere add up to the perfect instrumentation. This is accompanied by the crystal-clear production of the album, their best one so far. Neither fuck-ups nor sound disharmonies lead to 43 minutes of flawless music. Every note, word and instrument in general can be heard perfectly which is a great plus to the whole image. Worth mentioning is Sakis vocals/vocal style which varies between songs, thus not giving your average singing approach.

The album is definitely not black metal or something like their older material, but I must say it’s worth equally the same attention. Originality of riffing and melodies is present everywhere especially in “Phobos’ Synagogue” and “Gaia Tellus” where you get the classic old-school in-your-face riffing by the Greeks. The horrifying atmospheric intro in “Rege Diabolicus” is just a winner while the eastern sounds in “Nemecic”, “Helios Hyperion” or “Threnody” are mind-blowing. Worth mentioning is the remarkable artwork and package of the whole piece.

After listening to the album quite a lot of times since the day it came out, the only phrase left to mention is Highly Recommended. If you don’t want anything other than their older material then stay away from it, on the other hand if you would like something as close as possible to the old stuff then this is a must for you. This is definitely one of the best 2007 releases so far and I believe it can’t get any better than that. Sakis proved once more what he’s capable of and we respond by saying we want more of it.

Production: 9.5/10
Song writing: 10/10
Band’s Performance: 8.5/10
Originality: 9/10