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A masterpiece of it's genre . . . - 96%

Kyble, April 29th, 2007

Rotting Christ have always been leaning towards melodic black metal since their first full length album Thy Mighty Contract, but this is probably where their style really went down that path . . . and for the better.
It's hard to describe Rotting Christ to someone that hasn't heard them before, but apart from Septic Flesh there's not many other bands out there like them. All I will say is that they are probably one of the most defining figures in black metal outside of Scandinavia as unlike their counterparts, Rotting Christ focuses on harmonies rather than discordance.
All throughout this album, from the keyboard intro of Cold Colours to the fading melody to Thine Is The Kingdom on which it ends, this album is filled to the brim with simple, memorizing melodies, powerful rhythms, soothing/harsh deep vocals and drumming that can only be described as epic behind them. There is not a single 'bad' aspect of this album I can think of. It's got enough variety to keep you from getting bored and an overwhelming amount of feeling to it that practically speaks to you.
If you are wanting to check out Rotting Christ I very heavily recommend this album alongside Khronos and Theogonia to any melodic black/death fan.