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After Dark...I Feel.... - 83%

CannibalCorpse, January 22nd, 2006

While "A Dead Poem" was quite a "light" release, being more of a harsh Gothic Metal album than anything else(I still enjoyed it) this is something...quite different.

"Sleep of the Angels" incorporates more well-used keyboard parts into the Rotting Christ sound and also adds some more clean vocals, while being significantly more Black Metal than it's predecessor. Sakis vocal performance is very good, here we find out that his clean voice is actually very pleasing to the ears.

"Cold Colours" is a quite strong opener, even though it's more of a mellow track, featuring more clean vocals and slow, melody-driven guitar passages than anything else. This time they knew how to make "softer" songs REALLY strong.

"After Dark I Feel" follows and this is definitely one of my alltime favourite Rotting Christ tracks, as well as the strongest track on this album. The intro melody is absolutely fantastic, I wish it would last a little longer, but it gets replaced by another awesome melodic guitar line which accompanies the main riff. Sakis clean vocals hit a new high mark here, sounding depressed and haunted at the same time.

The album stays on this level, rather slow, yet quite heavy and aggressive until "The World Made End" which is the most Black Metal sounding track on this album. Just listen to the main riff. Awesome BM, reminding of oldschool Rotting Christ. Some blast beats and lots of doublebass can be found here as well. Again, very fitting clean vocal parts in the second part of the verses.

That's what this album is about: diversity. Quite a few slow tracks (Cold Colours, After Dark I feel, Sleep the Sleep of Angels), some midpaced ones(Imaginery Zone) and a faster, more BM sounding song(The World Made End);

Things I could live without:

The electronic effects used on Sakis' vocals in "Sleep the Sleep of Angels" are totally unnecessary, they are just distracting.

Sometimes the slowness of the album can be a little bit too much. The album is varied in speed, but most of the tracks don't exceed midtempo, except the aforementioned "The World Made End".

Overall, this is a very good effort by my favourite Greek band.


After Dark I Feel, The World Made End, Imaginary Zone, Thine is the Kindom