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What can compare to this? - 93%

spud1, March 14th, 2005

I'd have to say, Rotting Christ have amazed me throught the years, and this simply is no let down either. Although, after Tirarchy of the Lost Lover, I thought they steadly went down hill, but with the realease of Sanctus Diavolos, they're clearing making it towards the top once again.

Most of the song structures are fairly the same however, yet the riffs are still what you'd expect from Rotting Christ, dark, atmosphereic, still driven by keyboard for some songs, but even those riffs are good. All of the songs on Sanctus Diavolus are exteremly well composed and as always, the insturments play exceptionaly well. The key song on this album would have to be Athanati Este. Very nice leads and main riff. Infact, the first 4 tracks are good, but in between Visions Of A Blind Order and Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin, its almost difficult to tell where one track ends and the next begins, still very nice structures.

As Rotting Chirst has progressed though the years, they have proven to be one of the best at what they do. This album was certainly no let down, as were any of their other albums.