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Still going strong!!!! - 94%

Ambivilant, January 31st, 2005

Not many bands can reach "god" status with such a controversial name. However, Greece's Rotting Christ have quickly moved up the ranks and have become the mighty force that we know today.

Sanctus Diavolos is not at all like the band's more mellower albums nor their raw unpolished past works. Instead, Sanctus brings fourth a new style to the Rotting Christ table. The band manages to incorporate operatic vocal tones and thundering guitar/drum work effortlessly. Even more outstanding, is how Sakis Tolis (Guitars/Vocals) can maintain the same vocal style he uses in this album that he has been using in countless albums past. Even more outstanding is his flawless soloing in "Visions Of a Blind Order". That short solo alone is worth a listen. The album's music is a little sloppier than usual, but the rich operatic backing vocals easily make up for this. The most noteable track on this album is "Athanati Este" which showcases Dissection-esque guitaring and a thundering rythm section. For fans of melodic death metal, this album is worth a listen!