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Although not perfect, haunting. - 75%

Aurora Rider, November 3rd, 2018

After the mini disappointment of "Sleep of The Angels", Rotting Christ released their less brutal album to date. One which can only be compared to the band's latest release, "Rituals" in terms of atmosphere, and one that is considered by some to be their best release so far. For me it is definitely a pleasant listen, which however has its own flaws.

First things first, melodic riffs are once again the main element of this record. This time, however, their dynamic and aggressive energy seems to have been replaced by a dark and emotional aura which is present throughout the album. Still gothic and powerful, just not even a little black metal any more. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong about this. The music is catchy and esoteric, the riffs are awesome and the lyrics are more interesting than ever. In fact, "Khronos" is the band's most mature album until 2000 and although not perfect, I believe it is the perfect end to Rotting Christ's gothic era.

When it comes to its downsides, the album could for sure have a cleaner crystallic sound. Μixing and mastering do not really help this time. Moreover, Sakis obviously struggles to improve his vocals and although he achieves so to an extent, he still sounds weak and as if he tries too hard. Themis' drumming on the other hand has not changed at all. Still boring and uninspired like always.

In conclusion, "Khronos" is for sure a good album and a highlight of the discography of Rotting Christ. Of course, the Tolis brothers still seem unable to hide their poor skills in singing and drumming. And it is these very same poor skills that prevent one more album from standing out as a masterpiece of the early 2000s.