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Grinded Christ - 50%

CannibalCorpse, July 15th, 2007

"Dawn of the Iconoclast" is an EP with two old songs from Rotting Christ's earliest era, when they were still playing grindcore. I'm glad that they evolved though, since this stuff is really no good compared to Rotting Christ's amazing black metal material.

Both songs have a very sloppy, punkish vibe, which is mostly due to Themis' drumming being very monotonous and boring. Sakis' guitar playing is already quite tight, but the horrible production tends to swallow a lot of the otherwise above average grind/thrash/death metal riffs.

Only slight indicators of their future style can be found here, one being the harsh, but not exactly grindcore-styled growl of Sakis, who'd develop it quite a bit further in subsequent material, the other one being the slight touch of keyboards in "The Nereid of Esgalduin" and finally the lyrics, which deal with dark and occult themes instead of political or gore themes of typical grindcore bands around that time.

Both songs feature lots of riffs, ranging from promising to slightly painful to the ears - songwriting has not exactly been their strongest ability around this time, even the next release "Passage to Arcturo " showed some flaws in that department.

Overall, "Dawn of the Iconoclast" is an interesting release for any die-hard Rotting Christ fan, but sadly not because of it's less-than-great content, but for the historical value only.

Luckily, they'd improve a lot after this release and take the black metal throne by storm a few years later.