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Visions of the Dead Lovers... - 87%

CannibalCorpse, May 11th, 2006

The two songs on this release seem to be quite unknown to metalheads, even to Rotting Christ fans. It's no miracle though, since "Visions of the Dead Lovers" and "Mystical Meeting" never appeared on any Rotting Christ full-length.

I'm still wondering why. "Visions of the Dead Lovers" would definitely be worthy of being on "Thy Mighty Contract. it's a very fast, tremolo picked and melody driven song with nice drumming and great use of vocals and keys. Concerning the overall sound, it would have fit very well (of course the production is worse, since this is more or less a demo recording, but it would've been rerecorded anyway).

"The Mystical Meeting" harks back to Rotting Christ's earliest days and could very well be on "Sathanas Tedeum". It has the raw, oldschool death metal feel, even though some of the black metal melodies and riffing shine through in parts of the song. There is a spoken passage with distinct, melodic riffing in the middle of the song which even reminds me of their 1994 album "Non Serviam". Still, these are the only steps in Black Metal territory on "The Mystical Meeting".

If you are a fan of the Greek metal scene and don't know this one yet, check it out. It’s definitely worth your time.