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Rotten Sound, Fresh Music - 95%

smille76, February 20th, 2005

This album is my first experience with this band from Finland and I've been really impressed. Usually, grind bands are pretty much hit or miss with me and Rotten Sound managed to captivate my attention for the whole album.

This album entitled "Exit" consists of short songs ranging from 1-2 minutes in the pure grindcore tradition; it is pretty much a hit & run affair with these guys and the album must be listened as a whole, since some of the songs complement others. Anyways, it is so varied and enjoyable that you won't see the time fly when listening to this gem.

Musically, this is really impressive. The band is really tight and they manage to tear through songs like a rabid pitbull at a child birthday party. The sound they create is genuine grind/death metal, but it is much more than this. This actually sounds like some early swedish DM on fast forward (Entombed, Grave, Dismember, you get the idea). The songs contains huge grooves and thick monstrous riffs reminescent of this kind of music, only they are played at a few hundred miles per hour. Also, the band manages to spice things up, varying the tempo between fast, faster and warp speed throughout the whole album.

The vocal department is quite good, consisting of decipherable screams and low end grunts. They sound just perfect for this type of music, aggressive and urgent, with a touch of evilness in them.

Guitar-wise, "Exit" consists of riffs, riffs and more riffs. Each short track is filled with thick ans chunky guitar explosions. The ambiance created is one of pure chaos, yet it is easily accessible. The guitar tone is nice and fuzzy, adding to the general mayhem of the record.

On to the drum department, this is where the whole thing truly shines. Kai Hahto is a monstrous drummer, providing unrelenting sonic assault faster than you ever imagined a human can do. With his performance on this album, he truly established a standard on which the future grind/extreme albums will be judged. He blastbeats his way on the record like there is no tomorrow and keep alternating between nice intelligent fills and innovative drum rolls. His performance here is simply mesmerizing.

To conclude, this album has a great production courtesy of Mieszko Talarczyk (RIP) of Nasum and everything sounds deep and rich, unlike some records of this genre. This is how a grind album should sound IMO: thick, agressive and powerful in every department.

Fans of Nasuum, Pig Destroyer and the likes should definitely get this album!!