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Clusterfuck Grindcore Explosion! - 80%

faecophile, February 27th, 2008

Well, this was not what I was expecting when I picked up this album.

Having been introduced to Rotten Sound through their previous EP, 'Consume To Contaminate', leading me on to their earlier albums, I'd given myself the misaprehension that this album would be somewhat of a follow-on similar sounding album to the preceding EP.

Whilst it is in a noticeable way similar to the previous EP, it also adds in a lot more elements into the mix somewhat leading to a slightly clusterfuck impression at first.
By 'clusterfuck' I mean that while there is still that defined unique CRUNCH to the guitars and rapid-fire mortar sound to the drums with which Rotten Sound are almost synonymous, there's also a large amount more punk/crust influences seeping into this album.

It really is harder to sum this package up into one big generic summary,unlike previous RS releases, as there is just that much difference between the tracks.
We're not talking Akercocke-style STARK differences, they are undeniably from the same band, they just sound more like a collection of songs rather than the more gelatinous effect of previous work.

In a vain attempt to draw some form of rigid conclusion from the last few paragraphs, I'd say that whilst it's probably not an absolutely ESSENTIAL purchase nor landmark release, it nevertheless is one that pretty much any self-respecting death metal or grind fan would not object to having in their collection at all.

Brutal, punishing, crunching guitars... just not very memorable songs.