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Grindcore back to its roots - 85%

DrSeuss, March 20th, 2008

I'm not too big of a grind fan, but this album sure made me one. The album opens up with The Effects, the song starts with feedback and evolves into a slower crunchy groove. Parts like these are all over the album, which is really nice touch that breaks up the monotonous blasturbation that most modern grind bands adhere to. Rotten Sound really take Grindcore back to its roots, with crust punk. These influences can be heard in nearly every single song on this cd. Very energetic and makes you want to get up and beat the hell out of something.

The guitar tone is very dirty and crusty which adds a lot to the guitar riffs and trem parts, it gives it that whole wall of noise quality to it. The guitar playing is very well done and original on this album, there's even a guitar solo in Blind. There are a lot of little surprises in between the blasts that make for awesome grooves and pounding riffs, and sometimes even atmospheric lead parts. The last song on the entire album is a very down-tempo crushing song that is almost vaguely Doom inspired. The song Decimate even has an archetypical breakdown in it (something I really don't like) but this band managed to hold my attention and it actually fit the song very well.

The vocals on this album are great, to say the least. Q has a great quality to his voice and shows some real versatality in his vocal execution. He can do the traditional Hardcore-esque vocals that are decently high and are very powerful sounding, almost black metal reminiscent shrieks and even low death growls that are very prominent on the very last song on the album Trust. His vocal patterns are even catchy. Drumming is very tight, but still manages to sound dirty and natural. Ville is a great drummer, that is album to work well with blasts and is very innovative with normal beats. In the song Praise The Lord, when the song slows down there's a very cool battle drum beat. Overall a very good release for fans of Grind, Crust, Death Metal, and even some Hardcore fans might enjoy this.