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Ripping and punishing - 96%

redless, February 29th, 2012

Albums like Cursed and bands like Rotten Sound are the main facts that sometimes tend to make me think of grindcore as the most interesting branch of extreme music. Just look at those names: Napalm Death, Nasum, Magrudergrind, Discordance Axis, Gridlink, Defeatist, Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth, Kalibas, Dephosphorus... The list is endless, grind is never ending.

So, there are some albums that are never going to be forgotten. Some of these are: FETO, ECDER, World Extermination, The Inalienable Dreamless, Helvete... and, well, Cursed.
Cursed is an unstoppable assault of ridiculously catchy riffs, extremely well thought-out song structures, hyperspeed blastbeats, breathtaking downbeats and sludgy/groovy parts, inhuman screams and basically what one can ask from a modern day grind album.

The production is clean yet not sterile, which basically means that the low frequencies are not turned into meaningless noise. As a result, the deadly riffs can be easily heard even from people that have not undergone post-graduate grind education. There are some noisy parts going on at some points, and in a way they're the only thing that will help you distinct songs in an album that has a virtually perfect flow, if you don't pay enough attention. The drumming features all typical grindcore drumming elements, like blastbeats and d-beats and the rest, but sometimes it just sounds a little bit more rock n roll-ish, and combined with the ultra catchy Entombed-like riffs... yeah, it's death 'n' roll. Oh, there are also slow parts that are accesible for slowest people to headbang to. The lyrics are mostly about politics and some times allegoric while still to the point, and the album is divided in six sections, each section having a distinct lyrical theme that is explored through different aspects. The vocals are badass, and it's not surprising that Keijo Niinimaa was chosen to be the singer for Nasum's 2012 farewell tour, holding the microphone of deceased frontman Mieszko Talarczyk (RIP). Many musicians offer guest appearances on this record, the most prominent -and inevitably, the most interesting- contributions being those of Jason Netherton (Misery Index, ex-Dying Fetus) and LG Petrov from Entombed. The bass is very tight and fits the drumming and the riffs perfectly. Finally, the artwork seems great even though it's a bit indecipherable, to me at least.

All in all, Cursed is an album you should definitely own and one of the highlights of 2011, a year with releases as great as Gridlink's "Orphan", Wormrot's "Dirge", Defeatist's "Tyranny of Decay" and Wake's "Leeches". It is a memorable album that even your cool non-grindfreak father will like, and still it's true as fuck. KEEP IT GRIND!