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Here's the proof Grindcore isn't always the same - 78%

diogoferreira, December 2nd, 2011

After almost 20 years, Rotten Sound still knows how to write strong and direct music. This "Cursed" record is the proof.

Finland is the country where the best Gothic rock/metal bands come from and as some musicians say, the long winters make the people cold and sad, but Rotten Sound is the evidence that those winters can also make people violent and twisted.

On March 15, Rotten Sound released "Cursed" via Relapse Records and this record contains sixteen tracks that will leave you no space to breathe or think. That's right, Rotten Sound is a grindcore machine gun that won't allow enemies to survive.

"Cursed" is not a regular raw grindcore record as it is well produced and is not just a bunch of distortions, cymbals, and snares getting out of the speakers. I even dare to say the guitar's distortion is specific and quite unique. In other words, I am able to say those distortions make the sound a little bit industrial and you will even listen to solos in tracks like "Hollow" and "Addict". Keijo Niinimaa is so furious on the vocals that you will feel you want to break stuff. The drums are incredible and I must say Sami Latva knows his place and knows when he should be more active or just get along with the other guys.

Rotten Sound is the proof that grindcore is not always the same because the track change between each song is well felt.

The band was founded in 1993, but with this record it seems like the boys did not get old. I say these guys will be bonded to grindcore till death do them apart.

Originally written for and posted at Riff Magazine