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Lazy Asses - 85%

GuntherTheUndying, June 26th, 2016

Rotten Sound sure has changed over the years. I would never have guessed Rotten Sound would decide to soften up and release a progressive rock record. And then I woke up.

“Abuse to Suffer” is a Rotten Sound record from A to Z. The grindcore overlords are especially gifted at delivering a malicious sensory overload of nonstop violence. The first thing that nailed my nuts to my inner thigh was the production, which has the buzzsaw tenor of Swedish death metal creating the thick bass sound and crushing guitar tone. It’s been a hot minute since I last listened to Rotten Sound, but I don’t recall a production job sounding this fitting. Rotten Sound is sonically up to familiar shenanigans, vomiting forth a blast-happy expedition of filth. Most of “Abuse to Suffer” shows the congregation of fuzzy bass and bombing drums constantly exploding underneath a frenzied riff attack. Moments like these are plentiful throughout Rotten Sound’s grinding gallery.

My favorite quality of Rotten Sound is their application of mid-paced sections and tempo shifts. “Abuse to Suffer” is heavy on these modulations, frequently throwing out a volcanic eruption of mid-tempo vehemence. The album is otherwise wide in its spectrum of covering tempos, as Rotten Sound isn’t afraid to throw in a rapid bass-snare drum pattern, blasting designs of varying speeds, and the occasional track rooted deeply in an unhurried pulse. This, as I said, is what puts these dudes a few pegs above the grindcore herd; these bits are integral to the record’s sound and help to shake up the cacophonous bag. “Extortion and Blackmail” may be the most all-embracing Rotten Sound song ever, running up an improbable running time of four minutes and a hefty sum of change. It’s a bit of a doozy.

Come on, you know how this works. Five years for twenty-eight minutes of grindcore turmoil. Lazy asses.

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