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Decent thrash - 71%

3415, January 31st, 2005

A good thrash album, if you can bear the not-so-great vocals. Rosicrucian were one of those bands that were a bit anonymous, but nevertheless had their moments.

This album is actually a rather enjoyable one, the technical thrash found here manages to stay interesting throughout. Sound effects and strange intros, as well as the occasional insane outbursts of calypso beats, cows and screaming babies ensures that you stay on your toes. The production is decent but no more, retaining a rough charm to the record. It´s not particularly innovative in any sense, but it seems like they enjoy what they´re doing, and hey, they do know how to write some great thrashers every now and then.

Top marks go to “The way of all flesh” and “Within the silence” as far as songs go, and of course to the anonymous cow. Thrash albums like these aren´t made anymore, and you could certainly do worse than this.