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Speak engrish or die!!! - 50%

SupremeAbstract, May 30th, 2008

Have you ever watched an episode of Dragon Ball Z? Did you notice how flashy and exciting the opening theme is? Did you also notice how it gets you all pumped up for the next big battle with your arch nemesis, and even though his power level is like 20 times higher than yours, you still get the motivation from the song to take him down? Do you grasp the picture I’m drawing here? Ok, good. Now put your worst microphone up to the TV speaker and record it directly to tape, draw some swastikas on the cassette, and you will have your very own Rommel demo! It’s just that simple!

This demo is so poorly produced that it actually manages to be WORSE than your average bedroom black metal band. Everything is muddy and indistinct, and the only thing that manages to stand out is the horrible engrish being shouted off key at the top of the dude’s lungs. I understand that English is one of the most expressive languages in the world, but please, actually learn what you are saying before you record and try to get unsuspecting thrash fans to buy it. THA PREENS OF HERRS!! THA PREENS OF HERRS!! It is so bad it is almost laughable. In fact, at some points I was laughing, but then I remembered how terrible they were and went back trying to ignore them. I succeeded for a few moments, until some random guitar fill was randomly tossed into the song at an almost deafening level compared to the rest of the mix. It is like they didn’t even care when they mixed everything together.

It is a real shame that the production and some horrible engrish could ruin an otherwise great demo, because there are some really great riffs, some extremely well performed solos, a great outro, and some excellent Japanese singing here. Like I said, this is your basic shonen anime theme music, just more fleshed out and with a much more sinister image. The swastikas are frankly a little offsetting to me, seeing as this band is (quite obviously) not associated with any Neo-Nazi movements, and it is a real shame that someone could possibly mistake them as such. Much like the choice of the bad engrish, they seem more like an misguided way to be cool instead of a serious political statement.

In short, listen to this for the badass riffing and soloing, and maybe for a laugh or two. Not the best way to waste your bandwidth.