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Not a Bad Follow-Up - 70%

DeathRiderDoom, January 17th, 2010

Rock Goddess was a productive all-female band that emerged in the mid 80’s and had to frequently contend with common and inevitable comparisons to titans Girlschool. Coming off the strength of a solid debut full-length, where the band established itself as a powerful, ironically ballsy pop tinged hard rock act, with strong grooves, and skill in song-crafting, the pressure was on the band to follow-up with something worthy of a place alongside their widely celebrated (and now cult classic) self-titled album. Some argue that this album failed in that task. Some argue that considerable aggression and energy was lacking on the record, leading it to have less impact and staying power than the predecessor, while others believe it’s another decent offering of all girl pop rock. To be honest, both are true. While this one doesn’t have quite the impact of the first, it’s still hard rock, very much in the same vein. A decent, though not overly strong or interesting offering that’s at least worth a few spins.

‘Gotta Let Your Hair Down’ showcases a band that still has a strong knack for crafting commercially sensitive, though rough and ready hard rock anthems. This one is basically a pretty strong lesson on how to rock hard, with ‘tude, and still be viable as a commercial act. Throughout the rest of the album, attempts at this same undertaking are either successful, or not so. ‘In the Night’ has some charm, but is a little flat, repetitive, and tired. Either way, Jody Turner is always on form. Her rough, snarling and gritty voice gives the band much of it’s character. She actually sounds quite a lot like the awesome Leather from Chastain when she is delivering with aggression, while has the ability to sound softer, and more soothing (Much of the early ‘The Visitors are Here’). Said track is an interesting, complex and drawn out offering and marks another high point on the album. It has a mixture of smoother, soft vocal sections, intertwined with hard rockin, punchy choruses, laden with heavy guitars. Huge hooks in this one are another exemplification of a solid-pop-rock writing outfit. Cool stuff here.

A pretty solid album, if lacking a wee bit in the power present on the first. A few songs feel a bit fillerish, while the aforementioned ‘Gotta Let Your Hair Down’ and ‘The Visitors are Here’ with it’s strange, keyboard infused, progressive feel, and interesting subject matter, are definite high points. Either way, this is a solid band – though they are often left standing in the shadow of scene-leaders Girlschool, Rock Goddess have their own sound, only sometimes playing the same style of heart, party hard power pop that Girlschool plays. On this album there are almost proggy touches coming through and plenty of soulful, passionately delivered vocals and choired backup sections. This band needs and deserves a bigger audience, so I advise picking this thing up, or at the very least, their debut offering. Solid, melodic hard rock here that is too frequently overlooked.