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Very good, underrated power metal - 88%

Muloc7253, February 10th, 2008

I'm very surprised that this isn't more popular than it is, because Rob Rock is a brilliant songwriter. I've had this album for four years and still play it regularly, and just can't seem to understand why this isn't a cult classic by now.

I'm not brilliant with comparisons, but this to me is pretty similiar to Helloween. Rob's vocals aren't exactly as high calibur as Kiske, but he's still great nonetheless, favouring a bit of a lower pitch. The vocals and musicianship are all well and good, but as usual with my music what stands out the most is the songwriting. Stylistically this is 80's heavy metal mixed with early 90's power metal, and Rob just dominates this style perfectly. Who can deny the power behind a song like 'The Sun Will Rise Again', or 'Streets of Madness', or 'Judgement Day'. Rob Rock really has the 'it' when it comes to writing catchy, powerful power metal songs, and it's a shame and a sin that he isn't more well known and well respected in his field.

Besides the highlights already mentioned, the Abba cover 'Eagle' is impressively superior to 90% of all other power metal out there (and is better than the Sargant Fury version, although that's also a good song). This album is definately recommended to all melodic power metal fans out there.

Great heavy rock with awesome vocals - 85%

yogibear, January 8th, 2005

Rob Rock
Rage of Creation

Here we have arguably one of the better rock vocalists currently touring and making music. The band here features Rob on vocals, Roy Z on guitars and bass and production, Reynold Carlson on drums and on two songs, Jake E. Lee on guitars and Ray Burke on bass.

There are 11 songs which add up to a little over 46 minutes of very good heavy rock/metal. To me the music isn’t really heavy metal but more like heavy rock with very good vocals and great guitars with pretty good to very good songs.

1. “In the Beginning” is a slower guitar intro with a nice melody done on Roy Z’s guitar.
2. ”The Sun will Rise Again” is a song that reminds of Judas priest’s heads down “rifferama“. The vocals are nice and the song melody is good. The solo that follows is smoking, at the end the solo gets oh so tasty as the tempo speeds up just a touch.
3. “One way out” begins with a heavy guitar intro with more speedy riffs with the song melody that reminds of Helloween.
4. “Judgment day” starts with a heavy guitar intro with what sounds like a new style metal (slightly heavy and aggressive riff). This is a very nice riff based song and is for me the best one on the CD. This one is slower than the previous two and reminds of early Judas Priest with so me Iron Maiden galloping bits here and there. The tempo slows down into a bit where they use chanting after the breakdown and with solo guitar effects making for a cool mid section. The tempo resumes to opening riff and melodies that goes for a bit with the fade out being bass and guitar playing unison lines as they get quieter.
5. ”Streets of madness” vocal intro is nice with a Iron Maidenesque galloping riff and speed to the song. Really nice song that is marred by the chorus/refrain that sounds dated like 80’s metal or AOR rock. The solos are very good and supplied by Roy Z.
6. “Eagle” is a slower mid tempo rocker. It reminds me of Dio with its lyrics and riff structure. The guitars are very nice here as they are doubled when playing the melody and during the solo. The vocals here are where Rob show how high he can get .
7. “All I Need” is a song that features Jake E. Lee on guitars and Ray burke on bass. The song is a Ratt- type riff rocker only heavier It has nice fills and the guitar playing is very tasty. The chorus with the requisite “all I need’s” is really cheesy to me. Overall the guitar solo is very nice but in reality don’t compare with Roy Z’s.
8. “Media machine” is a commentary on the media with slightly stereotypic lyrics. The song is a bit faster than “all I need” and again it features Jake and Ray on guitar and bass respectively. The guitar solo is very good. The chorus is kind of a “sing along”.
9. “In the Night” starts with acoustic guitar and is a nice change of pace with Rob singing in a lower vocal register than the other songs. But that is only for half the song as it goes up in loudness and even sports an “IN THE NIGHT!”, shout-along chorus.
10. “Never Too Late” begins with a guitar and drum solo intro that’s very cool. The song is a slightly faster mid tempo rocker with a nice riff structure and arrangement. Overall a very good song with a strong solo and nice vocals from Rob.
11. “Forever” is a quieter “ballady” song that serves as the cd’s closer. The change and break slow down with Rob doing “forever, forever” that goes way up. The guitar work on the end is Roy doing some super fast soloing and comping as it fades out.

Overall the cd is a very good 80’s heavy rock with “verse, chorus, verse” songs that are not cheesy or cringe worthy except for the “all I need” chorus. So a collection of good songs with the playing and energy of today’s rock/metal musicians. If you like heavy rock done up with some great and very tasty guitar playing from Roy Z then this one’s for you. The production is very good with everything sounding real fine although the bass may be buried in the mix just a tad. Rob’s vocals are great and sounds like Bruce Dickinson’s to me.