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Approaching Musical Perfection - 92%

IcemanJ256, July 12th, 2006

I bought this album totally based on the reviews, without hearing a single second of music, and it is probably my best new discovery this year so far. This album is overflowing with lush melody, imaginative songwriting, intense emotional lyrics and heartfelt singing. There are many mellow moments, but it has plenty of heavy rocking moments as well. There is lots of keyboard usage, and refreshing, colorful guitar melodies.

The singer, Mariusz Duda, is the best I've heard since Daniel Gildenlow, maybe even better. His timbre is smooth, his range is incredible, parallel to the music, it varies from soft and delicate, to wailing and powerful, hitting high and low notes, and even a few screams which captures that true emotion being released.

This is truly some of the most _Progressive_ music I've heard. The different ideas and movements seem very natural as they flow into each other, forming crescendos and crashing down again, yet the next part of the song is always an exciting mystery, even after listening to it several times. The songs don't linger around forever with the same feel and then suddenly change, different parts last just the right amount of time before moving on to something new.

The title track is my favorite song here. It spans over 15 minutes, and every chord progression, every note, every second of singing is musicianship at its finest. At one slower part, between breaths there is a little twinkle of keyboard notes that snuggles in just perfectly. It is only one second of this song, but the little things give this album that substance so it never feels empty or drawn out.

"Conceiving you" is probably my second favorite song here. It starts with a contemplative piano loop which soon blossoms into a full band. The guitar solo shortly after is one of the most absolutely heartfelt melodies I have ever heard, and near the end of the song it climaxes and everything comes together, while the singer cries, "Still Conceiving you... all along..." Even though this track is short it always leaves me in astonishment.

Who says we can't make comparisons? I think fans of newer Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and Pain of Salvation will eat this album up like a huge cherry cheesecake smothered in chocolate sauce. You can hear the true emotion like Anathema, the long, shifting song structures like Floyd, the heaviness incorporated in like newer Porcupine Tree, and the brilliant lyrical content and lush blend of instruments like Pain of Salvation. The band isn't necessarily directly influenced by them, and certainly not "ripping them off," but like I said, fans of the previous bands will defiantly go crazy over this band; I know I love those 4 bands, and I love this.

This band has an extremely bright future ahead of them and I don't see how any intelligent music fan could possibly say this is bad. I don't think the band will ever retreat to any limitations or labels and will always do what's truly in their heart. It's my best new discovery this year and I'm very glad I "blindly" purchased it. I'll be getting their first album very soon. Rock on, guys.