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Oath Of The Abyss - 85%

slasher47, July 12th, 2012

Ritual Necromancy seems to be becoming one of the more recognized death metal bands in the U.S. currently. I feel like they are not getting quite enough attention as they should because they definitely stand out more than many other underground death metal bands. This release was put out on CD by Dark Descent, but later reissued on cassette by Parasitic Records.

To start, these guys play evil death metal with Swedish guitar tones and complex riffs. I would not drop these guys into the "Incantation worship" category because I do not feel like they "worship" them. These guys sound like a mix between early Dismember, Incantation, and Portal. The vocals are a very low guttural that fits right in with the instruments, you can hear it clearly, although it stays a bit buried. The drum production is very raw especially when it comes to the kick and snare. I have no complaints for the overall mix, all of the instruments sound exactly as they should, there is no instrument that stands out more then the other, and there are none that should.

For the most part this album stays at a very fast pace, but at the right times gets slow, but is never boring. The leads have a very creepy feel to them, they could easily be compared to the leads from Autopsy's "Severed Survival" or Darkthrone's "Soulside Journey". This band knows how to write a song with good song structure, they are always changing things up and never come back to an overused riff. The album stays like this the whole way through, each song sounds different then the one before it and that is the reason why this is such a solid death metal album. The technicality of the riffs is what sets this band apart from other modern death metal bands. It is obvious that this band wanted to create something different, and they did a great job of it. There are many over rated bands that have a great label and get a lot of recognition, the only problem is most of those bands sound good for a couple of listens until you realize that the songs have nothing interesting about them, or they are played sloppily and aren't mixed well. This album is very raw, but there is a difference between a raw production and a shitty production that is hardly listenable. Ritual Necromancy wrote an excellent album with the production that fit them perfectly, and it would not have happened without the extreme talent that the musicians have.

There is no reason to not give this album at least 2 listens. Its old school death metal with an old school sound, put this in your cassette player and don't tell me its not pure evil