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Masters of Pure Canadian Lunacy!! - 87%

Mutilashawn, October 14th, 2005

Paulus and Wroth create another mind numbing effort that is a slight change from Totality. While the release still retains the insanity and the brutality of past releases, the riffs are what stand out as opposed to the drumming. Not to say that Paulus' drumming lacks anything, but the riffs are much more prominent and seemingly well thought out. The 7 inch opens with "Totality's Kommand" and wastes no time in its assault. Next is the mediocre-in-comparison "Ad Infinitum", which is still crushing but not the best of the disc. The last track "Succubus", however, is by far the most punishing the release has to offer. WIth the obscurity that Rites fans come to expect prominently displayed, this song leaves the listener upset at the fact that there isn't anymore to come. My only sole concern is the production value. Possibly the most noticible difference from the last release is the rawer production. With a band like Rites nothing should be lost in the sound, and, unfortunately the drums become a little shallow and the fuzzy guitar sound swallows the dissonance of the riffage in this decision. Other than this Rites can do no wrong in my eyes and this one easily stands up to Totality and The Caryatid!! SUPPORT CANADIAN BLACK AND DEATH METAL!!!!!